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Vision '74 has dedicated staff who coordinate a broad range of quality programs to meet the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual needs of residents. These activities range from quiet one-on-one visits to large group events. Programs are offered seven days a week and include games, exercises, birthday parties, crafts, musical entertainment and special events. Regular outings are scheduled using Vision's accessible bus.


The monthly newsletter, "Vision News and Views", is provided to each resident and is posted in various locations throughout the building, to communicate upcoming activities. Family and friends are welcome to attend activities at the Home as well as joining us for community activities.



Holistic Care at Vision '74 involves the total care of the residents in mind, body and spirit. The goal of Pastoral Care is to maintain, strengthen and renew the spiritual component of the residents' total health, and to provide spiritual support for families and team members. This goal is met in co-operation with care givers, the residents, families and local clergy.

Ecumenical services are held every Sunday. Other services include Hymn sings, Bible Studies, private communion services. Residents and family have access to a private chapel.

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