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Everything was calm at Vision Nursing/Rest Home until the building erupted with excitement.  

"Stop what you are doing! We've put together a team to participate in CANstruction 2023!" 

With the support of the entire Vision Staff, Residents and Families, we will contribute to the hugely successful (and competitive) program to assist the INN of the Good Shepherd

in this unique food drive.  

Here is what we need from you- DONATIONS, DONATIONS, DONTATION. Since the CANstruct projects are all unique, the size and shape of cans is critical to a successful project. Your monetary donations will allow us to purchase the canned good. Which will be donated locally to the Inn of the Good Shepherd. 

E-transfer can be made to, in the message line please put CANstruction and the password is Vision.

Visiting in the Homes
Limits to Visitors: There is no limit to number of visitors that can now visit with residents. If you plan to have more than 6 visitors, please contact Kerri Hill at ext. 7179 or and she will help to arrange a room. 
Vaccination policy requires Essential Visitors to have a minimum of 3 vaccinations kept on file.
General Visitors no longer have to be vaccinated to enter the Homes (Nov 7, 2022).  


although no longer mandated by the Ministry, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENED to wear a mask at all times.

  • Masking is required in ALL common areas of the home.

  • Private Room - person's visiting a resident in a private room may remove their mask during the visit. If other persons enter the room (staff, residents) you must put on mask.

  • Shared Room - Residents and families/friends in a shared room must go to a designated visiting area to be able to visit without a mask on. Your mask is NOT allowed to be off in a shared room. Staff will help you find a designated visiting area if you wish to visit with your mask off. First come first serve basis.

COVID Testing Occurs Daily in the Georgian Room (of Vision Nursing Home) 
Testing is from 8-3:45 daily in the Georgian Room (Within Vision Nursing Home),
between these times, you can enter the Home either at Brock Entrance or Wellington Street entrance. Outside those times, it can be done by the screener at the Brock entrance only, but please be prepared to wait at times for testing.  Due to the change in variants of COVID-19, we want to ensure that we are following best practice
to detect any positive cases. Please be prepared to wait 15 minutes before proceeding into the home to visit your loved one.  
All residents will be screened back into the Home after an outing. 

Air Conditioning Statement of Non-Compliance:


VISION STATEMENT OF NON-COMPLIANCE per Director Order Aug 19 2022 (to be posted on Home Page of Website)


According to the Ministry of Long Term Care our “tempered air system” currently in place providing cooling to resident rooms requires modification to meet legislation, which is scheduled for Jan 2023. We are working with our Engineering Firm to assess the feasibility of providing alternate air conditioning to resident rooms that will comply with the Ministry of Long Term Care’s legislation and Director Order. Our common areas and lounges continue to be serviced by air-conditioning.  Resident Room temperatures continue to be monitored 3 times per day to ensure that they are between 22-26 degrees as legislated by the MOLTC.


Heather Martin, C.E.O.

Exterior view of Vision's Brock St entrance.
Exterior view of Wellington Flats from Wellington St

a charitable non-profit organization

Exterior view of Vision's entrance from Wellington St




Mission Statement

We are a Christian, charitable, non-profit organization providing a diverse range of residential and health care services in a compassionate

and fiscally responsible manner to the benefit of the greater community.

Values and Beliefs Statement

As a forward-thinking organization; we believe in treating people with integrity, dignity and respect.  We believe good leaders encourage innovation, life-long learning and commitment.  We value accountability, compassion, honesty and humour.

Philosophy Statement

Treat others as you would want to be treated.


Vision ’74 Inc. follows regulations under the Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (the “Act”) which ensures accessibility for persons with disabilities in the areas of (i) information and communication, (ii) employment, (iii) Transportation and (iv) Design of Public spaces. Vision 74 Inc.  is committed to developing, implementing and maintaining policy aimed to meet accessibility needs of persons with disabilities in a timely manner. Our Human Resource Coordinator is the primary contact for information. 


Please click here to access the full policy.

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