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Placement at Vision Nursing Home in Sarnia (long stay, short stay and convalescent care) is coordinated through the Erie St. Clair LHIN.
Vision Nursing Home has available for residents, fifty eight (58) basic beds and eighty eight (88) private beds totaling one hundred and forty six (146) beds. Beds include one (1) short stay bed for male clients and two (2) short stay bed for female clients are available and ten (10) Convalescent Care beds.


The Ministry of Health sets daily and monthly rates annually for all types of accommodation. A copy of this information is available from the Erie St. Clair LHIN.

Vision Nursing Home offers short stay care with 3 beds in the home. Contact Erie St. Clair LHIN  for bookings and details.


Vision's ten (10) Coalescent Care beds provide the support and environment needed to help residents achieve their goal of returning home to an independent  living arrangement. Contact Erie St. Clair LHIN for bookings and details.


There are 2 beds dedicated for reunification for family members. Find out if you qualify through the Erie St. Clair LHIN.

There are 5 beds dedicated for veterans who qualify. Find out if you are eligible by contacting Veterans Affairs Canada -

We encourage residents to make their living space as homelike as possible. Include a comfortable chair, television, radio, picture(s), photographs and other sentimental items. This can help make the resident's transition to living in a long-term care setting easier. Space is limited and large furnishings may not be suitable. Discuss options with the Administrator, Director of Care or Maintenance Supervisor. The following items are not allowed for safety reasons: refrigerators,  friction type lampshades, swivel/rocking chairs, rug/carpet. Any electrical appliances MUST be inspected by the Maintenance Supervisor to ensure their safe operation.

Guest Suite (Currently NOT Available at this time)

Vision offers  a Guest room that is made available to family and friends. The suite will accommodate 2 people. The room comes complete with a double bed, there is room for an air mattress (not provided) TV, Kitchenette, Lounge and 3-piece bathroom. Reservations are booked through the Recreation Department 519-336-6551 ext. 7179 or Cost of this room is $50.00/night. 


Televisions are provided in lounge areas for residents and visitor use. Residents may prefer their own television in their own room. Cable hook-ups available through Cogeco. In basic rooms, earphones may be necessary. The resident or family member arranges for installation and payment.

Telephone hook ups are available in all rooms through Vision's in house phone system. Arrangements are made on admission.

Residents are provided with a recommended clothing checklist. Permanent press clothing (NO WOOL) is preferred for ease of laundering. Clothing labels are provided upon admission to prevent the risk of misplaced clothing. A mobile clothing service visits the home at least twice a year. We have limited storage facilities and recommend that family members make arrangements for storage of seasonal clothing/items. Please provide seasonally appropriate clothing (i.e. hat, coat, gloves, and boots).


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