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The Nursing Department is an organized service which delivers nursing services to residents in a compassionate and confidential manner, ensuring respect and dignity while promoting residents' independence. Nursing services are delivered through a team approach and recognizes resident's self-defined, unique needs.

At the time of admission a Resident Care Plan is established and a preliminary plan of care is created with input from the resident and family. Within the fourteen  (14) days after admission, a conference is held to reassess and update the Resident Care Plan. This conference involves the input of the resident (if able), family members, nursing staff, recreation staff, dietitian and any other personnel who are involved with the resident?s care or who could provide appropriate input. A Care Team conference is held annually thereafter, or as necessary as related to a resident?s personal needs. This process offers an opportunity for all parties to communicate and maintain a consistent approach to the resident?s care and quality of life. Concerns or questions about the resident?s care are encouraged at any time and can be addressed to the Administrator, Director of Care or any staff member of the Nursing Home.


Residents have the right to choose their own physician to provide care to them in the home. Each Attending Physician is required to sign a contract with the home in order to provide this care. Attending Physicians will be expected to meet the standards and criteria established by the government.

Vision retains the services of an Advisory Physician and Attending Physicians  who will provide for the medical care of any resident admitted to Vision Nursing Home. Our physician services are complimented by the service of  Twin Bridges Nurse Practitioner Clinic.

Vision's comprehensive pharmacy service is provided by Classic Care. Medications/treatments are prescribed by the doctor only and are administered by a Registered Nurse (RN)  or Registered Practical Nurse (RPN).

The Ontario Drug Benefit Program or the Government Pharmacy covers most medications. Drugs not covered are billed to the resident directly from Classic Care Pharmacy. 

Physiotherapy is available on-site.


Basic & Advanced is provided by trained professional staff employed by the home.


Vision Nursing Home has a contract agreement with a licensed hairdresser. Hair care is provided to residents at a reasonable cost. Costs are posted outside the Hair Salon. Residents may pay cash directly to the hairdresser or have charges added to their monthly bill.



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